Happy New Year!

And welcome to my new little blog! 🙂

The idea to create this blog has been running in my head for awhile now, and I decided the new year was the perfect time to take the jump! While I’ve loved sharing our house projects and little pieces of our life on Our Forever Home blog, there’s so much more I wanted to write about that I just didn’t feel fit there. I’m not sure how often I actually will update here, but at least it’s here now in case I do!

A big part of why I created this blog too is because of my New Year’s resolutions. Confession- I’ve never, ever done New Year’s resolutions prior to this year. I was even one of those people who thought they were pretty stupid. But, here you go, another confession- I’ve been struggling over the past year with all the crazy changes that went on in our life, and I figured maybe a few New Year’s resolutions may help me learn how to handle those changes and have a better outlook on life.

My biggest resolution? Well, y’all may have heard about the one word resolution trend going on (if not, this post here explains it wonderfully, and actually is what inspired me to take the jump and do it!) and I think it’s a great way to push yourself to grow during the course of a year. Plus, as I was reading the blog I just linked above, I was hit hard by a word that terrified me to death, but that I also knew would push me to become a better person in 2014- CONTENTMENT.

If you read the about section of this page, or have read my original blog, you know that my husband is currently laid off. Contentment is a scary word to make your goal for a year when your husband doesn’t have regular steady income. Heck, it’s a scary thing in general. In the paper journal I’m keeping this year to write my thoughts, feelings, quotes, and so on regarding contentment, I wrote that “it’s like daring God to take away our luxuries. I know that sounds awful, but still. With Corey [my husband] being laid off, it’s a real possibility money will be tight and choices may have to be made.” Plus, there’s so much more than just the financial side of contentment- like self contentment. Wow. Yep, that might be even scarier than financial contentment.

So obviously this is going to be quite the journey for me. And, on top of the paper journal I’m keeping, I plan on having a “One Word Wednesday” on this blog where I will update how my little journey with contement is going every week. No promises I will do awesome staying on top of that, but I will try!

Before I go, I want to share my other resolutions as well. More accountability can’t hurt, right?

Personal Resolutions:
1) Contentment.
2) Spend less time on my phone and Facebook. Goal: get on Facebook no more than three times a day!
3) Do something fun OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE two times a month with the kids.
4) Wear “nice” clothes, do my hair (not just a pony tail!), and put make up on at least 4 days a week.
5) Eat healthier and exercise. Bye bye baby weight!?! (For those of you who are unaware of the time frame- I had our baby girl at the end of September via c-section.)
6) Study my Bible on my own at least 4 days a week.

Family Resolutions
1) Be more frugal.
2) Sunday=Family Fun Day. NO electronics until 8PM. And we will do SOMETHING fun together even ifit’s small like playing a boardgame.
3) Keep reading Tate’s Bible to him every night and saying prayers.
4) Brush teeth EVERYDAY. (Our four year old often forgets, so this one is aimed towards him!)
5) Run a 5K together as a family.
6) Get in a good school routine for Tate.
7) Continue house projects and COMPLETELY FINISH at least one.

There you have it! We will see how we do over the course of the year! 🙂


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